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Chancellor Family (III)

The final batch of photos from the barn day! If you are interested in hiring me for your family portraits, you can click on the button on my left side bar, or go directly to P.S. Angel, you were a fantastic assistant!! You knew all the best poses

Chancellor Family Photo Session (II)

More photos from the barn! I loved editing these photos, it’s so easy with photogenic people. The horse ain’t so bad either. But let me tell you. I walked into this photo shoot thinking “Oh FUN! We’re going to take these amazing, luscious photos of Chainey on her horse.” I have never struggled so hard […]

You’re Up To Something Big

Do you ever feel like you are trying to live a truer, happier life consciously, setting intentions, making optimism a habit and all that, and then you just have a crap day that makes you feel like none of it is working? Or worse, you dip into a genuine funk? When that happens to me, […]

Chancellor Family ~ Family Photography

Angel is my former/sometimes horseback riding teacher turned friend. She often jokes that it’s odd we are friends, since we so much alike. But I remember being on my first trail ride with her and her remarking that we would make great friends and I couldn’t have agreed more, even from the first time hanging […]

This boy needs a dog!