Moonshine Mah…


That’s the sound I make when something is just okay.

We had high hopes for Moonshine Bar and Grill, downtown on Red River. Online reviews said great things.. We were disappointed.

The service was averagely friendly, but not in any way special. We arrived at nearly two, and there was barely anyone still left eating lunch, and the food took what seemed like much too long given that. Perhaps it was because they were overcooking the burger.

My husband had a cheeseburger, which was in fact dry and overcooked. Not horrible, but certainly not great. I had the Spinach-Arugula salad. It was very dry and they skimped on the toppings for such a large salad. The spicy muffin it comes with is a cute idea, aesthetically, but it didn’t go with the salad at all.I had to ask for more dressing because I couldn’t tell if it had been dressed, and when they brought it, the actual dressing was gooey and, well, bad. Bad, vile dressing.

The ambiance in and around this historical building is charming, and the outdoor patio is large. Unfortunately, all three tables eating outside were roasting because of the enclosed plastic tarps. They only realized this at the last minute, and came and undid them, just as the other two tables were leaving. Another diner complained openly about this fact while we were there.

I would say, we did not order any of the creative food that Moonshine is known for. However, if they cannot get the simple, standard dishes right, that says something. I would go back, but as a make-or-break date with Moonshine. This time I would order something unique, and it would have to be very good to convince me to go there a third time.

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  1. Im glad you guys are settled in, and how is the cat, is he scared of everything yet-and rest rest ) have you picked out baby names yet

  2. This shall be one interesting aspect of Austin– some places have the great friendly service you raved about before, others are kind of known for being absolutely terrible. Then there’s the places that have awful service but you keep going back b/c you just cannot get enough of that Kerbey Queso… ; )

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