A glimpse at my to-do list…

The last three days have been a whirlwind. I took many, many photos. And, I am happy to report that I now have a computer and editing software in my possession to process them! Unfortunately, those things are still tightly bubble wrapped and residing in big white boxes somewhere in this chaos. So no photos yet. No photos this week, as I’m going on a “working” vacation.

Come to think of it, especially since the “work” on this vacation is shooting the photos for the wedding, I am beginning to be very nervous about my return. By which I mean, how the hell am I going to process  the photos and write the corresponding blog about the kajillion photos and subjects sitting on my memory cards?!

There are at least two months of photos, and as a teaser, include (and this is not all!): 2 photo workshops; what it looks like to receive a shipment from Europe; Donna Hay’s Mint Flatbread; “Bloody Mess Crostini”; a few maternity shots; the inside page of one of my journals; a glimpse into the baby room; cacti; eclecticaustincasamania; Jonathan’s most recent MacGuyver contraption; the teaspoon in all her glory and a lizard.

Oh, and did I mention that six different folders of photos left from Europe in my “to edit” pile”? Lordie…

I really want to return from this trip and start cooking up a storm. I have all these ideas, and have a list of new small, ethnic groceries to hit up. I want to work on a writing project, which I am going to attempt an outline to on the plane to Puerto Rico this week. I want to finish the scrapbooks I have 88% done here, now that my art supplies have arrived. I want to, oh yeah, unpack and sort this ridiculous mess so that we can officially say, “We’re Here.”… “And we eat with metal silverware!” I’d like to read some baby books. I’d like to finish this stack of “to read” adult books before that baby comes. I’d like to create 2 or 3 different photography project sets that I have outlined to myself on the computer. (For instance, the scanner is here, I have a love letter in Italian that I cannot read, have never deciphered, and want to use as a “texture” to create a set of Italian cards.)

I also want to build two different photography websites; learn Spanish; open a small business; figure out what the hell the city of Austin thinks its pulling by not giving us our 200$ rebate we deserve ( I am not just going to forget people!); practice my horrible, horrible French and learn to make Ravioli by hand.

Then there are the new cool people to see again. The Taco Tour that is in the works. The cinnamon buns on Sunday mornings. The renting of a canoe. The documenting of my belly growth. The new running shoes to buy. The 5k to jog in. The dentist I so desperately need to find. The lawn furniture to buy and the BBQ’s to throw.  The phone calls to keep up with, the blogs to keep up with, the snail mail letters to write on my own hand-drawn stationary.  The roadtrip coming up.

Those are some of the things that I want to do when I get back. So I’m a little nervous. Because first there are these kajillion photos and blog posts to share.  So you guys had better be reading out there, and inviting your friends. Starting May 1st, it’s on!


  1. I sometimes get overwhelmed and almost paralyzed when I know I have a whole crapload of pictures to go through, b/c all the work involved can just feel like so much. It’s times like those that I’m realizing “less is more” and trying to be better about picking a few, great photos and concentrating on those if I’m dead-set on editing anything. I can always go back later to do more with the “leftovers” but it’s much more manageable to go through 10 pictures and make them look nice than try to do the same for 100. And trust me, this is a very very important skill to learn for a photography mommy, as I promise you will soon be taking up to several hundred pictures of the nugget every month (or week… sometimes day) and will need a good system to sorting through them and not hoarding millions of pictures that will never be looked through.

    I hope you have an awesome time in Puerto Rico, have a BLAST photographing the wedding, and good luck with you’re to-do’s when you get back! (I will say, btw, I still go a decent bit of book reading after D’s arrival. Set up your nursing station, then make sure you have a good, small table next to whatever chair you’ll be sitting in, so that you can have snacks to eat and a book or magazine to read while the little one sucks away for 20-30 mins at a time. Yes, you’ll be gazing lovingly into his eyes most of the time, but other times it’s nice to get that reading break).

  2. Am I perfecting the art of blogging-via-comment (or at least blog-length comments) or what? ; )

  3. I feel you on this. The need for a proper “digital workflow” was revealed to me in clear relief when i came back from my road trip last autumn with 40 or 50 GB worth of RAW files to go through…

    if I can make a suggestion – have you ever tried Adobe Lightroom 2? It takes a little while to get used to it, but once you do, it will really speed up your processing of pictures (it’s designed specifically to manage workflows). You can download a free trial from the adobe site i think (just google it) and use it for a month – enough time to see if you like it or not. for me, i couldn’t imagine living without it now.

  4. lol it sounds like i was writing a paid testimonial above! hahahha

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