A peek into our suitcases….


Here is a little glimpse of why we went to Europe with 1.5 suitcases filled, and came home with 4 at exactly the weight limit allowed!!

One whole suitcase was clearly presents for Liam, but I have not shown any of those because no doubt I will share photos of his new room decorations/toys at some point in the future (including the coolest tricycle I’ve ever seen).

So first, the pasta pictured above. I was never a believer that different pastas could taste strikingly different. Sure there must be superior brands, but nothing so terribly noticeable. Well, I still don’t quite taste the difference myself. However, every other person who tastes these pastas does, and so we carted back a few tons of it. I for one am more a fan of the fancy paper packaging. I hate ripping it up to get into the pasta.


Books in French! I love the series “A Series of Unfortunate Events” and I found them in French. They are the perfect level and style for me because I understand almost everything, yet (As in English) the author chooses to use extremely mature and often esoteric words, so I still learn quite a bit by reading them. The tiny thermos is a gift for older Liam. :) Fitting, non?



Jonathan bought six packets of European saffron because he thinks the stuff we get here is far inferior. I found cups and spoons and tiny dishes in order to serve tiny plates of food in some well constructed fancy meal that I will someday…someday!…plan and executet.


Some little and big goodies that I found (received), including edible flowers. Funny I had to go all the way to frigid Switzerland to find cacti candles!


Rosa gave us Bulgarian wine!! We have no idea what to expect and are really looking forward to drinking and discovering it.


Dried mushrooms, caramel cookies, waffle cookies and Pici!!! Yes, more pasta, but not just any pasta…Pici!! Very necessary because it belongs in the first recipe I ever adapted/deviated from following the exact  recipe out of sheer fear!!

There are three things that I regret not bringing back: baby bibs with sleeves; coop wasabi coated peanuts YUUUM (i ate them all on the plane) and pumpkin seeds. Yes, pumpkin seeds. I did not buy any because I was sure I could find them here. Well I can, but they are measly, nasty little things and although half the price, are not even in the same ballpark as the pumpking seeds from Migros. And, we just learned that they are supposedly good in fighting cancer. Anyone else ever heard this?

Surprisingly, we did not bring back bars of Chocoalte or very much cheese. I think some things begin to lose their great taste when you take them out of the appropriate atmosphere. And…some things can be procured here at Central Market :)


  1. omg your souvenirs (did I spell that correctly?) look so delicious! I’m jealous!

    Also, that little red water bottle is absolutely adorable… where did you get it? Is it available online as well?

  2. ikea has long sleeve bibs, at least they do in Basel, i figure that kind of thing would be worldwide. if not ikea, you can order long sleeve bibs from several places in the US, including bed bath and beyond. we have a few from both places for our son, 7 months now. long time reader, first time commenter, i do enjoy reading about going back “home” [USA], we’ve been in basel for 3 years and the job may bring us home soon… happy new year.

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