I Know Someone Famous

So I was in line at Home Depot and I picked up a magazine on DIY for the modern home. Inside, I found a spread on the coolest blogs to check out. One was Creature Comforts. Clearly, this blog is a big deal in the design world. Well, I was just scrolling the front page when I came upon this.

Very cool inspiration board. I was struck by the Black and White bison head, because I have been into animal/taxodermy lately (a possible side project with a local artist…). So, I scrolled down to read where it was from and WHOA NELLY – it is from our friends in Neuchatel, couple and artists behind KIKK. I am secretly impressed that I know someone cool enough to be on a design blog, and also, it is so awesome that they are getting this kind of visibility. They started from scratch, working nights and weekend for months and month, to create KIKK, eventually quitting their dayjobs, and devoting themselves 150% to this project, and passion.

And that is just awesome. Good for them.

If you are curious, check out their site. They make posters for the hip, modern world.


  1. Hi there! I’m so glad I came across your blog today and this feature about your friends who I recently posted about on Creature Comforts. I guess this sort of interconnectedness will always be one of the best things about being a blogger…that and interacting with (and writing about) the handiwork of real people who put their hearts and souls into their work (and are mighty nice too)! : )
    Thanks for the post! It really made my day!
    xo Ez

    P.S. You wouldn’t happen to know which magazine and issue the Creature Comforts mention was in would you? I’m super curious to know. ; )

  2. that’s funny.

    i’ve been wanting that set of gunmetal flatware. it was sold thru crate and barrel a while ago (i have written down the name somewhere…) but i can’t find it anymore. :(

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