Strawberry Season

It’s slightly early, due to the bizarre warm winter this year, but it’s strawberry season already. I was really, really into the book I was reading and Jon had to drag me out of the house after he got home from work. I must’ve been really into this book because I had no idea it was brilliantly sunny outside. The warm air was shocking to my body, which had previously been wrapped in a fleece blanket left over from college. Still, it was a really good book, and I was grumbling about being drug out of the house and away from my book all the way until we hit the wall of sugar in the air. Literally, we drove out of Saint Blaise, down the highway for five minutes, round the round-about and the air smelled completely like strawberries. Sure enough, there was a large flag flying with the shape of a strawberry, and behind it in the low fields, the hunched backs of people plucking juicy fruit from the straw padded vines.


There are worse ways to spend your evening than snubbing the strawberries that don’t completely fill your palm.

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This one looks like a Rhinoceros.


  1. My number one favorite fruit/berry/vegetable/whatever in the world! Strawberries are not quite in season here yet, we’ll have to wait another month, but when they come.. fresh, sunripened… heaven in a shiny red package.

  2. hey!

    what lovely pictures of the strawberries! For a person who claims to not know anything about “the rules of photography”, you take some amazing photos!

    By the way, did you just recently redo your blog? I swear I visited here a couple of weeks ago off of Tien Mao’s blog, and it looked completely different. At any rate, I really, really dig the new design – very light, airy and look at all those yummy rounded corners on the pics – not so overdone as to be cliched, but just enough to make everything very polished looking! did you write all the code yourself?

    I like the idea behind your blog too – quitting a job that makes you miserable (sigh…) and setting off to find the happy and good things in life. Good on you! Someday, I hope, I can follow down that kind of path!


    P.S. The lower strawberry definitely does look like a rhinoceros!

  3. Very Yummy!!!! I would be jealous, but there are garunteed to be some at the ice cream bar on deck where I am headed now – though they won’t be as juicy or yummy, I’m sure!

  4. Michael, Doesn’t it?? I thought I should send it into the news, you know, maybe someone would see the rhino in my strawberry and want to pay me for it :)
    Thanks for the compliment on the photos, and the blog. i did not write the code, my boyfriend did – the whole thing. he’s responsible for all the coolness. I just come along and direct where i want things, and kind of draw it out, but i’d say he should get the credit hands down. good luck on the quitting job part…it helps to have love in another country willing to support you financially :) lol

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