Weekend Review

As I mentioned in this tid-bit about the last two weeks, I have been exhausted. Honestly, I’ve been exhausted this entire month. But after delving in wholeheartedly, and with my whole mind, to Hello Soul, Hello Business, my brain is buzzing and it’s making it hard to get the good sleep that I need to get at night in order to participate/think/ponder/dream during the day! Friday, I finally hit a wall where my exhausted body was shaking and I had to turn down an evening with my boyfriend and instead, got into my pajamas at five-thirty. I should add, lest you think this course would do this to you!, that I have always been prone to these exhausted/weak spells. These crashes that take me over entirely and I am utterly unable to function. I am prone to exhaustion much more easily than most. That is my curse. So, knowing that, I curled up into a large armchair with the best blanket ever (so “best” that I’m thinking about taking it in a suitcase to the barracks at ArtFest!) and asked my mom to go out and get Taco Bell for me. After Taco Bell, while reading this new book that’s come in the mail and jumped instantly to first place in my reading list, I ate a bar of Dark Chocolate. Having my mom around is so nice. She babied me all evening. I asked for popcorn and when it came out a bit burnt, not a lot, just a bit, she took it back and brought me tortilla chips and a cold Maine Root Beer. Yes, it was fantastic. I ate like crap, read this book and caught up on American Ido with my mom. Fantastico a me.

Saturday I roused myself, with much difficulty. Michael and I were supposed to run 6 miles. I thought I could. Then I stood up. Yeah…not so much. By the time I got downstairs, I was thinking “Okay, I’ll walk 6 miles.” Then I realized that I was too hard to lift my glass of O.J. to my mouth, and my mom said what I needed to hear: “You are not doing anything!” Well, I tried. But I did have to do a little photo-shoot and I did need to interview a boutique owner, so we used the excuse and Michael and I had lunch at our favorite, favorite lunch spot in Austin – Halcyon. The art is always interesting, but the people watching is more so. I mean, seriously, there was a girl wearing an entire bee costume! Why I don’t have a photo? Because she was staring at me and my camera and I chickened out. Massive sigh at myself right now. I did get a picture of this guy though, so there!

The rest of the day I spent playing in my studio, creating a package to send to a new friend and adding my whatnot to my daily Art Journal. In the evening, bored, Michael and I took to Barnes and Noble where I reread the entire two weeks of course material from HSHB and then indulged in a few reading materials that make me giddy!

That’s my “studio” painting space. I sit on the floor and pull out all of my supplies, which are then placed in a circle around me. If only my butt fit onto a lazy susan…

mmm, brand new tub of gesso. that’s bliss to me. 

Today began with smoothies from Whole Food and then church with Michael and a friend. Church is a new element to my life. I’m not sure why exactly I feel called to try it out again, but I do. And the world IS small. The pastor of this church I’ve decided to try is one of my Jiu Jitsu training buddies! And…it turns out that the girlfriend of mine who I go with knows his family well, and that his wife and kids have watched her toddler over the summers! I am getting something out of the sermons, but it also feels great to be developing a sense of community here, after three years in Austin! I’m finding the same in HSHB. I am getting a HUGE amount of information and work out of the course, but the community developing and the support is JUST as present and wonderful.

I snuck a little more painting in this afternoon, before being bombarded by everyone in the house and the puking cat. We also got to have Liam today, so that his Dad could take a small roadtrip this afternoon. His cute little face at the door, those cheeks! It makes me so happy. We put a stop on all that we were doing and went over to Taco Deli, the greatest Taco Joint on this side of Austin. Now back at home, my mom is rearranging furniture, I’m blogging and Liam is napping. Liam’s still sick and his cough, bad bad cough, is coming back. That doesn’t bode well for the coming week at all, so I am really glad I listened to myself and did rest. Here’s hoping I make it through this week stronger! I hope you all got some R&R this weekend too! Anything exciting happen? ?

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