Inspirational Quote Deck – 2 New Tutorials!

Today I am sharing TWO NEW TUTORIALS for the Inspirational Quote Deck Swap going on. Up first, a really creative take on this project: creating the cards with Fabric! Amy Cavaness is a fabric artist who specializes in Memory Quilts. For examples, she can take all of the baby clothes that you are holding on to, even though your children have grown, and create an entire quilt out of them! She’s done even cooler projects than that, and I am always impressed by what sentimental gifts her work produces. She participated last year, so I asked her if she’d create a tutorial for some of the folks who might be interested in going outside the mixed-media box!

Click on the Image Below to be taken to Amy Cavaness’ Tutorial on making a Fabric/Quilt version out of your fabric scraps!


Next up, is my Tutorial. I go about making my cards from a mixed media process, using collaging papers, inks and other materials. I’ve created this 15 minute video showing you a traditional way to decorate the cards. I did one fourth of the cards in this video, so you can do the math and see that it is really not all that time consuming … once you have a process down!

I really urge you to watch this video for my message about “Getting out of your Head” while making art. I want you to watch this video so that you’ll see just what a MESS I make as I move along, and how you can embrace that, and see the result come out looking fantastic. It’s all in the video, so have a watch.

Below I’ll share some still photos of my process as I went along. I have yet to put the actual quotes on, but I will when I get to that step! Home with sickish toddler today, so I’m going to call this blog post my big accomplishment for the day!



  1. Really, really, really helpful Jess. And inspiring. Thanks for taking the time and effort to do this.

  2. Nancy Peevey says:

    Jess, this is a wonderful video! Thank you for sharing your process. I’m thinking about being a lot freer and more abstract this time. We’ll see. It sure looks fun, loose, and artsy!

  3. Both of these are awesome! I’ve definitely learned something new today. Thanks for sharing these!

  4. I’m pretty sure I signed up for the swap but I don’t have a confirmation of it. Should I have gotten one?
    Other question : can I send $10 (cash) in the envelope with the cards themselves instead of paying via PayPal? (I’ve done 3 steps of the probably 5 or 6 step process to create so I’m moving right along!, can’t wait.)

    Thanks… lisa.

  5. Great video, Jess!
    I love what you say about getting out of your head and having fun with the process!
    Can’t wait to find out what a magic ring is, too!

  6. What a fun tutorial. I loved your authenticity. I can’t wait to read about the magic ring.

  7. Loved that tutorial! Thanks so much for posting…and thanks for the tip of gluing all of the cards down first…mine have been sliding all around my table!

  8. I hope it’s not too late to sign up. I love this. Do you have a way to follow your blog? I would love to add you to mine. I will send in my 10 by paypal . Please let me know if it is still open.


  9. Paid, signed up and time to get messy!!

  10. Thanks for the cool tutorial – but I can not believe you did all that in a white shirt! I would’ve had paint on it in the first 2 minutes. My deck is going out to you in today’s mail. Yay!

  11. Love how you encourage us to get messy and forget about perfectionism.
    Signed up, posted about it, on my way to pay and create.

  12. Fabulous….so in love with the creative process….great result! Thanx xX

  13. Hi Jess,
    I love the video tutorial for your cards. I also glue them all on the a scrapbook paper and then paint on them all together. Where is the magic ring post? I would like to read it and also use a link for my future class on rings that inspire your creativity. Thanks :)


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